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Surrounded By Sea Predators, These Divers Pulled Off A SPECTACULAR RESCUE! You Have To See What They Were Rescuing! [VIDEO]

April 05, 2017

One day near Cat Island, in the central Bahamas, 3 brave souls pulled off a spectacular rescue. 

Cat Island is known for it's marine life and this marine life includes white tip sharks and dusky sharks. 

Dusky sharks are known to be an aggressive species of shark so most people are just fine viewing them from a distance. 

But, on this day, diver Skylar Thomas, and two tour operators named Vinnie and Debbie were about to get up close and personal with one of these aggressive predators. 

The 3 good Samaritans noticed that a particular dusky shark had a rope rapped around it; upon closer inspection they realized the rope was embedded in the shark's flesh. 

Moving quickly, Vinnie grabbed a knife and bag and jumped into the water; waiting patiently for the shark to get used to his presence, Vinnie was able to get close enough to the shark to begin cutting the rope off.

Because sharks need to swim in order to breath, it was miraculous that the shark not only let Vinnie get close but the shark slowed down and held still so Vinnie could remove the rope easier! 

Once the rope was off the shark was free to swim away; over the next months the divers came back regularly to make sure the shark was healing properly! 

Because of the fearlessness of the divers and the willingness of the shark to cooperate, a daring rescue had an AMAZING pay off! 

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