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Swan Couple Separated For Several Weeks. Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder For These Birds? Their Reunion Tells All

October 12, 2017

Finding the swan terribly sick and in horrible shape, the rescuers make the executive decision to remove her from her habitat. Moving forward with this plan, however, also means she will be separated from her mate until she is healthy enough to return. They, of course, have her best interest at heart and know it's what needs to take place.

With the ultimate goal of saving the swan’s life, the rescuers move forward with their plan. With love and tender care, they nurse her back to health. Then, after being gone for several weeks, the lady swan finally gets to return to her home-sweet-home.

You have to wonder what will happen to the swan couple after such a long separation. We’ve all heard the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Does this axiom hold true for our winged friends as well? After such a long separation will these lovebirds recognize each other? It’s an interesting fact that most swans mate for life, but will the male understand that his mate is returning or will he have moved on?

The female swan sits patiently on the dock; it's the moment we've all been anticipating. A few seconds later when the love of her life enters the picture, she immediately becomes excited. As quickly as he can the rescuer unzips her from the safety blanket and gently unwraps her body, allowing her to be completely free so she can move around as she pleases.

Wasting no time she jumps into the water and swims directly toward her mate, closer and closer until the two are directly face-to-face. Right away you can tell that these two have indeed met before and that they have missed each other very much.

Overjoyed at their reunion, the two lovebirds seem completely enamored with one another. Soon they begin nuzzling each other’s necks and they lovingly embrace. Finally, as their foreheads tenderly meet, their long graceful necks curve to form the classic heart-shape that, to us humans, symbolizes true love. Enjoy watching their beautiful reunion; it's one that will warm your heart!

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