Tad's Transformaton From Abused And Abandoned To Much Loved Companion Is The Most Heartwarming Thing You'll See This Month

August 11, 2017

In March 2011, Tiffany was driving down a road near her home in Montgomery, Texas. As she drove down a road, she spotted the dog she would call Tad, on the side of the road. He was in horrible condition - his fur was patchy and his skin was red and inflamed. She had to turn around to go back for Tad, even though she honestly did not believe he would survive. She wanted him to know that she at least he tried, even if he could not overcome his injuries.

It appeared some heartless monster had left him in the rural area where she lived. Tiffany works as a veterinary technician at a nearby animal hospital, so she was able to keep him comfortable at home until the vet opened on Monday morning. Every morning when she would check on him, she was surprised to see he had survived. He was severely starved, and covered in fleas and mange.

When she got him to the vet, they discovered that he suffered from both types of mange (which is super rare), and had likely been attacked by another animal during his time as a stray. He was full of roundworms and hookworms, had yeast infections in both ears, and all of his other wounds were severely infected. They were so bad that they considered euthanizing Tad, but his rambunctious and never give up attitude made them decide that so long as he continued to fight, so would they.

 Slowly but surely, Tad began to get better. They weighed him every day, and kept track of all of his infections, On the fourth day, he gained two pounds from the previous day! He began to come out of his shell more and become sweet and playful. Tad earned his name because it stands for Totally Awesome Dog. In just five days, they went from not being sure if he could survive, to not seeing why he couldn’t!

Although Tad started off on a hard road and in horrible shape, he quickly became a happy and healthy dog. Tiffany fell in love with this dog and couldn’t help but admire his spirit. Although she had originally planned on finding him his very own home with someone else after he was healed, she couldn’t bring herself to find him a new home. Tad and Tiffany have a special bond, and they will live together forever for the rest of her life.

Tad has now lived with her for six years, and he has helped her foster and teach multiple times during his years as partner in crime. The two most recent canine additions to their family are both strays, one of which is another foster fail!

Tad has come a long way from the homeless dog he once was, to now living at home with Tiffany, her husband (who loves to spoil Tad) and their new baby! Hopefully, Tad and his family get a long and happy life together! I’ve attached a video of Tad soon about three months after being rescued as he rescues his family from an evil turtle!



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