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Break Out The Slow Cooker For This Insanely Delicious Golden Chicken

August 22, 2017

A quick and easy go-to option in most households is a dish centered around chicken. It’s affordable, easy to prepare, and incredibly delicious. When it comes...

Experts Have Declared the Amount of Time You Can Safely Leave Butter Unrefrigerated and It’s Definitely Not What You Would Expect

August 10, 2017

Oh, butter. There's something so wonderfully magical about this item. Its spreadable quality makes it the ultimate partner for a toasty piece of bread or slathered...

The Wacky Cake Was Made Famous During The Great Depression And We Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of It

May 31, 2017

Brown Eyed Baker The Great Depression was one of the most difficult seasons in America's history. It was a time unlike any other. Families were poor and...

The Internet Is Going Crazy For This 18th Century Fried Chicken Recipe

May 30, 2017

Is there anything in the world better than fried chicken? As a southern girl, my answer would be a big N-O. I don't remember life before...

This Cherry Pie Bubble Up Casserole Is Everything You Could Ever Want In A Dessert

May 25, 2017

It's the worst feeling when you've got a crowd of hungry people waiting for a scrumptious dessert and you are stumped with what to make. Who...

Pregnant Cow Goes Into Labor. When Her Owners Walk Up To Assist Her, They Are Astounded At What They See

May 09, 2017

There is nothing sweeter than the arrival of new life. Whether it be animal or human, there is something so enchanting and magical about the first...

Mare Gives Birth to Filly. When Owners See Her Face, They Realize Just How RARE She Truly Is

March 15, 2017

Occasionally, there will be an animal birth that is unlike any other. Rarities can happen at the most unexpected times! Horses are a wonderful example of...