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Tank Was Left To Die Alone and Scared At An Oil Refinery. After Rescuers Stepped In To Save Him, They Realized The Depressing Truth

February 20, 2018

Tank lives in a wonderful home, surrounded by his adoring family and he spends his days lounging in the sunlight and playing with his family. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case for this playful and voracious pup. The first few chapters of his story are full of heartbreak and sadness, which serves to make his happy ending all the sweeter.

His story as we know it begins when he appeared at a California Oil Refinery. He was scared, terrified of everyone who approached him. He spent his days running away whenever someone approached him, and eventually learned the best way to escape those who wished to do him harm was to scramble inside of the many empty pipes that littered the grounds.

As the pounding sunlight beat down on the refinery, Tank fought to survive. He struggled to find enough food and water to stay alive, and he was forced to face off against all sorts of predators - humans and animals. He eventually learned that he should never trust a person, that they only meant him harm.

Luckily for Tank, there were heroes out there who were willing to save his life. With the help of workers at the refinery, Hope for Paws was called in. When they found him hiding inside one of the pipes, he was so scared that he was growling, hoping it would get them to leave him alone. It didn’t work, and they weren’t willing to give up on him.

After placing a large cage at one end of the pipe, they rigged a giant towel-wrapped prod to gently push him out of the pipe and into safety. At first, he was scared and unsure, not willing to take the final step into the cage, into freedom. With some more prodding, he eventually took that last step into safety and they were able to save him.

When they got him back to the veterinarian’s office, it wasn’t long before his true colors began to shine. It was then that the rescuers realized just how sweet and loving Tank is, and that the true reason he was so aggressive? Someone must have abused this gentle soul and broke him, made him afraid to love and trust again.

Thankfully, he was quickly placed in a foster home with an adoring family who never even took him to one adoption event, because they decided to adopt him themselves. His story doesn’t end there however, that was only just the beginning of what is sure to be a beautiful tale.