Tazo Was Placed Up For Adoption After A Horrible Back Injury, Now He Gets The Best Day Of His Life

August 10, 2017

Good dog owners do their very best to give their dogs everything they need in their life. When Tazo’s previous owners realized they wouldn’t be able to treat the awful back injury he had suffered, they made the difficult decision to surrender him to a shelter so he could get the help he needed. Although this decision was very hard for everyone involved, it gave him the best chance at a normal life after he became paralyzed in his rear legs.

Tazo is a sweet and playful dog who never lets his injuries hold him back. When he gets into his wheelchair, the very first thing he wants to do is run! He is a master at giving kisses! When everyone else saw him as a lost cause, Animal Haven took him and saw a great dog who just needed a little extra TLC.

When Bark and Co. heard the story about this plucky little dog, they knew he deserved to enjoy his very own, Dog’s Best Day. He was nominated because of his never give up fighting attitude! Who better to deserve such a great day? 

To start his Best Day, Tazo headed to Water4Dogs for a rehabilitation session! They first start with stretching out his paralyzed legs to keep the blood flowing back there! Then, Tazo got a little doggy massage for his shoulders and front legs because they’re so overworked. After that, he gets to put on his life jacket and jump into the pool for a swim!

When Tazo had his fill of swimming, he went out for an afternoon treat with two of his favorite pals from the shelter - Gogarty and Mitchell! The three pals all went to Shake Shack where their very own dog friendly treats awaited them! They got bones dipped in shakes, and all the cuddling they could wish for!

After their stop for shakes, they headed back to the shelter and Tazo got a party with all the toys he could ever wish for - and even more treats! Natural Balance also donated 3 months of dog food to the shelter to help! Tazo didn’t keep the fun to himself for very long before he invited his friends to come play with him! Then, he got his very own custom-made wheelchair!

Even after all this excitement, one more amazing surprise awaited Tazo - his new forever home. Eileen Merrigan is the Tazo’s new mom, and she couldn’t be happier to be adopting this rambunctious little guy! Tazo and Eileen will have many happy years together!

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