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Texas Biology Teacher Put On Administrative Leave After Reportedly Mocking Student For Supporting President Trump

September 13, 2018

Eradicating bullying form our schools has become a passion of many activists, and countless policies have been instituted within many districts to help combat the problem. However, when the bullying comes from someone in a position of authority over a child, then the act becomes even more heinous.

That is exactly what happened in a Texas High School when a Biology teacher decided to humiliate one of her students for his conservative views.

Keep in mind that this was a SCIENCE class and the likelihood that any political topics were part of the curriculum is slim. Yet, the boy was single out and became the subject of relentless mocking at the hands of his own teacher.


According to Fox News, “A high school biology teacher is on administrative leave after she allegedly mocked a student for supporting President Trump and calling others ‘a bunch of Trumpies’ in Round Rock, Texas.”

The student’s mother has stepped forward to bring the incident to light. “According to the McNeil High School student's parents, who asked not to be identified to protect their son’s privacy, it happened within the first two weeks of school in an AP science class,” according to KHOU11.

According to the student’s mother, the teacher started out by declaring her feelings about the President of the United States.

"She said, ‘By the way, I hate Donald Trump with a burning passion and he is a complete douchebag’ to a class full of seniors in high school.”

After the opening salvo, she looked around the class and saw that several of the students were looking toward the object of her mocking to see what his reaction would be, “since he has been vocal about his support for the president’s tax plan, among other things.”

“The mother said that’s when the teacher referred to them as a ‘bunch of Trumpies.’


"She looked over and she said, ‘Oh, it seems like I have a table full of Trumpies over there.’

The mom told KHOU that the teacher continued to harass her son about his support for President Trump even though he made it clear that he did not want to get into a political discussion amid an AP Biology class.

Then, throughout the rest of the class, the teacher continued to reference the earlier conflict. According to the mother of the boy, “[The teacher] continued to call my son ‘Trumpy’ as opposed to his name. If she had a question, she said ‘Hey, Trumpy, do you have an answer to this,' or, 'What do you think, Trumpy?’”

If that weren’t enough, the teacher made one final dig when the class was over, adding to the embarrassment of the student who simply wanted to get out of there as fast as he could.

According to the student’s mother, “At the end of the class, the mother said the teacher told her son one last insult in front of the class. “Now, you're not going to fight me when we start talking about evolution, are you?”

The parents report that their son was so embarrassed he was not able to bring himself to come to class the next day. Now he is missing out due to the reprehensible actions of an adult that is supposed to be above such petty displays.


In response, the parents have filed a formal complaint against the school and the teacher, citing the untold damage that the incident caused heather son.

"He was embarrassed. She completely undermined him, his intelligence, his belief, and his opinions. All of this should stay out of the classroom,” his mother told KVUE.

We couldn't agree more. the teacher is currently on administrative leave but the parents want her permanently removed. More information will be forthcoming when it becomes available.