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TEACHER OF THE YEAR is Keeping 2ND GRADERS Off the Streets! What He Receives Next BLOWS HIM AWAY! [VIDEO]

March 29, 2017

Michael Bonner is a 2nd grade teacher at South Greenville Elementary school in North Carolina. 

South Greenville Elementary school is surrounded by barbed wire and is in a impoverished neighborhood. 

Mr. Bonner knew that many of his students had extremely difficult home lives and some were living on the streets. 

Mr. Bonner realized that in order to keep his student's attention and provide them with the education they needed, he was going to have to try some unconventional methods. 

Mr. Bonner decided to teach his children with the power of MUSIC! 

Mr. Bonner needed to teach his class the "who, what, where, when, why" standard, so instead of just telling them about the standard he began to help them write a rap about it! 

He then helped them shoot and edit a music video for the rap they wrote! 

Amazingly the kids began to pass their exams with flying colors! 

Mr. Bonner has one of the biggest hearts for children you will ever witness; going as far as to let his students hold 200 dollars of his money in their hands, to show the kids that they do not have to participate in illegal activity to get ahead in life! 

Mr. Bonner has started a chain reaction in his school that is inspiring teachers, parents and students all over the world! 

Mr. Bonner has not just impacted these children in the classroom, he has given them a foundation to stand on for the rest of their lives!

Watch the video below to see the reward the Mr. Bonner and his school receive!