Teacher Got Calls About Noises In Her House When She Was Gone. When She Set Up A Camera The Footage She Got Had People Rolling

July 26, 2017

If you have ever been a pet owner, chances are you have caught your pets doing some pretty unusual things. Some people's pets even demonstrate hidden talents that no one saw coming. Nora, the cat, is one such pet that showed she had some tremendous hidden talent after observing her owner every day. You see, Nora's owner was a piano instructor and had many students that came to her home for lessons.

The neighbors knew that Nora's owner taught music, so they were used to the noise from her home. Whenever she would leave, however, Nora's owner would get calls from neighbors saying they could still hear noises coming from inside the house. The only one in the house was Nora, so her owner decided to set up a camera to see if she could capture footage of what Nora was up to while she was out. Nora's owner was not disappointed when she checked the camera later.

Nora, apparently, loved playing piano just as much as her owner did because whenever her owner left, the cat would hop up to the piano and play. Nora played many times a day for short periods of time. Once her owner discovered her talent, Nora started playing along with students when they came for lessons. Her owner even started doing duets with the cute feline. Nora was one smart and talented cat and, needless to say, her owner was very excited to see where her talents would take her. Watch the video below to see Nora in action.

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