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Teen Girl Gives Up Coveted Marching-Band Position So She Can Be The 'Eyes' Of Her Blind Friend Instead

October 31, 2017

There are times in all of our lives when we run into difficult trials. When these circumstances arise, it is crucial to not only have the right mindset to conquer them, but also to have the right people in your life that will help you along the way. A young girl, named Autumn Michaels, is a prime example of these facts because she was dealt one of the hardest of circumstances, very early in her life.

At just seven months of age, doctors found an inoperable tumor in Autumn's brain. The tumor grew steadily over the years. The doctors told Autumn's parents that they could slow the progression by removing some of the tumors. There was a catch, however. The tumor was dangerously close to Autumn's optic nerves, and if the doctors operated on Autumn, the girl would lose her eyesight. When Autumn's father told the young girl that she would no longer be able to see, Autumn, unbelievably, responded by saying, "It's ok Daddy, God will see for me."

Everyone was astounded by Autumn's response and positive outlook, so the doctors proceeded with a series of surgeries that helped stop the tumors from growing. Autumn was taken home to start her new life and soon memorized all the surroundings at her house, so she would be able to get around with relative ease. Autumn was able to navigate through the halls of her school through the years, with the help of a cane. Now, as she approaches her freshman year of high-school, Autumn has expressed an interest in attending a marching band camp, which her parents are happy to send her to. This is where a girl named Rachel Steffens enters Autumn's life.

Rachel is a senior at the same school that Autumn attends and happens to be at the band camp that Autumn goes to, as well. The camp directors ask Rachel if she is willing to assist Autumn with her marching, and Rachel is happy to do so. Rachel and Autumn form an instant bond and a unique friendship. Because marching in the band requires Autumn to have someone guide her every step of the way, Rachel is, quite literally, Autumn's eyes when she marches.

Throughout the entire camp, Rachel guides Autumn through every practice, which gives Autumn more confidence as time goes on. As camp comes to an end, however, Autumn is concerned about her future in marching band because she will need a full-time guide in order to participate while in school. Autumn loves having Rachel as her guide, but in order for their arrangement to continue, Rachel would have to give up her own position in the marching band. Rachel faces a tough decision; does she keep the position that she earned, or sacrifice it to help her friend?

Rachel decides that what she and Autumn have is too good to break up, and willingly gives up her marching band position, so she can help Autumn fulfill her dreams. Autumn is overwhelmed with gratitude at Rachel's sacrifice and knows Rachel is truly her best friend in the world. Through every practice, parade, and football game, Rachel stays by Autumn's side and leads her through her steps. People cheer not only because of the band's performance but also because the bond between Rachel and Autumn inspires them in every way.

Rachel is still able to play in the band when they are sitting in the stands during the games, and Autumn stays by her side, cheering Rachel on as she plays. Autumn may need Rachel in order to get around, but it is evident that Rachel needs Autumn just as much. Rachel and Autumn's relationship inspires everyone who sees and hears about them, and serves as the best example of what it looks like to move mountains!

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