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Teen Who Pushed Friend Off 60-Foot Bridge Comes Clean About What We’ve All Been Wondering: 'What Was She Thinking?'

August 22, 2018

When we first heard about the teenage girl who ‘playfully’ pushed her friend off a six-story-high bridge, most of us shook our heads in utter dismay. How in the world could ANYONE think it was a good idea to send a friend plunging 60 feet to the unyielding water below?

And when 18-year-old Taylor Smith was asked that very question, her answer did little to clear up the mystery.


According to TODAY, “Police said Smith pushed 16-year-old Jordan Holgerson off a bridge at Moulton Falls Regional Park on Aug. 7.

"The younger teen plunged more than three stories before belly-flopping into the river below, a fall that resulted in six broken ribs, two punctured lungs and multiple internal injuries and cuts. The girl also has a mass behind her windpipe."

Smith, who would not go on camera, told NBC News in a text that she has apologized repeatedly to Holgerson and “feels really bad about what happened.

Clearly, not a way to play a practical joke on someone, a fall from that height could have killed Holgerson rather than just injuring her. “Trauma surgeon MaryClare Sarff said when a fall is three times a person’s height, there’s a 50 percent chance of death. Holgerson’s drop was far greater.

"When you're falling that high, from that height, the water is like concrete," Sarff said.

According to tho the video, which has since gone viral, “Before the push, Holgerson was standing on the edge of the bridge and appeared to change her mind about jumping.

“Before she could turn back, Smith pushed her off, sending her plunging face first into the river below.”

As authorities are considering whether or not to press charges, Smith has been seen acting as though nothing has happened. Friends report that she is acting anything but remorseful and seems to be going on with her life, giving very little consideration to the enormity of what she did.


Although Smith would not go on camera for an interview, she told NBC News in a text that she has apologized repeatedly to Holgerson and “feels really bad about what happened.”

Even though Smith officially expressed regret over what happened, those who know her see a different attitude. One friend told the Sun, “Taylor hasn't been to visit Jordan to see if she is OK.


She clearly doesn't care. She messaged Jordan to say 'sorry' but nobody thinks it was a sincere apology,” the person said.

Meanwhile, Jordan Holgerson is slowly but surely recovering from her injuries. We wish her all the best as she goes through the painful process.

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