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Teeny Foal Gets New Bedding And His Reaction Is Cuter Than You Could Ever Imagine

May 31, 2017

There's just something so magical about watching a newborn foal trying to figure out how to do this thing called life. It only takes a few short days for them to learn the ropes but in that short amount of time, they sure do some adorable things.

I always have enjoyed watching a foal take his first steps. Their legs are so long, bony, and unstable. They're not quite sure what to do with themselves! The teeter and totter around and sometimes fall into a big, tangled mess on the ground. Before long, they figure out how to work their legs and that's when the fun starts!


Once they've got walking figured out, they go straight to running and that becomes their favorite way to get around. Who would have known that those long, skinny legs could move so fast?

This cutie in the video below is learning some new things as well. He's been spending some time with his mama in the stables. It's such a nice and cozy environment and he's gotten pretty comfortable in his new surroundings.


His owner decides that it's time to put down fresh bedding in their stable. This is new and exciting for the little foal and his curiosity is peaked.

He cautiously begins to inspect this new change, attempting to figure out what this new bedding is all about. Suddenly, he does something that leaves his owners rolling with laughter! Check out the next page to see just what he does in response to this change. It's cuter than words!

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