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Telling Details Emerge About Sarah Ferguson And Prince Andrew’s Bizarre Relationship, Leaving The Internet Utterly Baffled

April 18, 2018

There always seems to be something buzzing around the internet concerning Sarah Ferguson. Though she’s no longer a member of the British royal family, she is the mother of two budding princesses.

This fact alone will forever tie her to the family. Because of her less than spectacular history with the family, some members are less fond of her than others.

When it comes to the public, they seem to have mixed feelings about her. Sarah married Prince Andrew, Duke of York on July 23, 1986. Together they had two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

After some time, their relationship became quite rocky as scandals quickly emerged. The news outlets ran wild with the information, and many quickly grew to dislike Sarah.

Sadly, the couple divorced due to Sarah’s infidelity in 1999. Despite the failed marriage, they continue living together to this very day at the Royal Lodge at Windsor.

Their divorced relationship over the years has continued to baffle the nation. Recently, Sarah posted some photos of her ex-husband on her personal Instagram account, causing many followers to be skeptical of the state of their relationship.

Sarah gushed about Prince Andrew, congratulating him on his excellent entrepreneurship and elaborating on her feelings for him in a heartfelt image of him in his younger years. Floods of viewers began speculating if the couple got back together and, if not, how they felt they should.

In an interview, a radio host asked Sarah if they would ever remarry. She responded, “We’ve never really left each other.” The host asked, “You’re still together, sort of?” To which she replied, “Yes.”

Only time will tell if they will ever remarry or if they will continue with the bizarre relationship they have. Our hope is that they forever find happiness, whether that means happiness alone or happiness in a marriage to one another.

Do you find their relationship to be a bit odd? Do you think they should remarry?


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