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Tensions Rise As Buckingham Palace Plans Aggressive Strategy To Silence Meghan’s Dad After His Latest Explosion With Prince Harry

August 14, 2018

The bitter backlash from father-of-the-royal-bride, Thomas Markle, continues and this time, Prince Harry is the one to be on the receiving end of his angry outburst. After several months of loose canon comments, Buckingham Palace has decided that enough is enough.

Just days after Harry and Meghan got engaged, the pair addressed Thomas Markle in their engagement interview. During the interview, Harry mentioned that he hadn’t had a chance to talk with Thomas before Meghan confirmed, “No, but it’s been worth every effort.”

In the weeks leading up to their wedding, fans and members of the Royal family watched as Thomas Markle began to sabotage himself for the chance to reconcile any differences with Harry and Meghan through a staged photoshoot. According to Samantha Markle, the paid shoot was an attempt to “show the media Thomas in a different light.”

Following the knowledge of the staged shoot, Thomas Markle mentioned that his heart was declining and traveling to the UK might not be the best decision. The world watched the train wreck of Thomas’ constant back and forth; one day he would plan to attend the wedding, the next he wouldn’t dare. Ultimately, Thomas was believed to have open-heart surgery just days before the wedding and did not attend.

Following the wedding, Thomas made his first official with Good Morning Britain. During his interview, Thomas appeared to be sorry for his actions and missing the wedding. He also revealed that he has yet to speak with his daughter or Harry since the wedding. However, his lack of contact with Meghan hasn’t stopped him from going off on her husband and his family.

Thomas had revealed that he and Harry had chatted on the phone regarding the media. Before he reportedly hung up on Prince Harry, Thomas yelled, “Maybe it would be better if I was dead, then you both could pretend to be sad!”

Since then, Royal officials have said enough is enough! Rather than remain silent, an insider shared with Entertainment Tonight that officials are working to create an “aggressive plan” to end the Thomas Markle drama. While it seems that their silence will no longer keep Thomas quiet, officials may need to arrange a meeting for Thomas to meet with Meghan and Harry because his outbursts are getting out of hand. Do you think Meghan should talk with her father or do you think she’s best to stay out of it? Let us know in the comments below!


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