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Terrified And Alone, Olivia Was At Death’s Door. She Didn’t Have Much Longer, Until Rescuers Stepped In To Help Her Beat The Cancer

March 06, 2018

In a lot of developing and third world countries, stray dogs are a fact of life. The dogs roam the street, alone and terrified, left with no choice but to scrounge for food and pray for somewhere safe to sleep at night. They have no chance at medical care, and if something does happen, they often will die out there, alone on the streets.

Luckily, there are rescue organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited who does their best to save the lives of dogs street dogs, like sweet Olivia. Olivia found herself wandering the harsh streets and living one of the worst lives a dog can live. She had nowhere safe to go at night, and she often went days without food. As if her life wasn’t looking bleak enough, things got even worse when she began to develop a massive tumor in her head.

Olivia would surely have died out there on the streets if it wasn’t for the help of India’s Animal Aid Unlimited offices. They answered the call for help about her, and they quickly raced out to save her life. When they found her on a small, lonely walking path they were horrified at how swollen her face was. It was so bad that blood was dripping down her face. They raced her back to their rescue where they could figure out what was going on!

At the rescue, they took a biopsy of the massive tumor and realized that she was suffering from a cancer called transmissible venereal tumor. Luckily, it was known to be extremely treatable with chemo! It took six weeks of weekly sessions to heal the tumor and bring her back to full health. When you get a look at her after the chemo, you won’t even believe it’s the same dog.

After everything Olivia went through, she never lost her sweet and playful attitude. Nowadays, she spends her days at the sanctuary where she is spoiled rotten by the volunteers! She also spends a lot of time playing with the other dogs, and just living life the way she was always meant to. Good girl, Olivia.