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The Crowd Goes Crazy When Rescuers Help THESE AMAZING CREATURES Find Their Way HOME! [Video]

April 05, 2017

The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center was founded for a single purpose: To preserve the lives of some of the most ancient and beautiful animals on the earth! 

If you have ever been snorkeling you have probably had the secret hope of seeing a sea turtle. 

While sea turtles are beautiful and amazing to see, they are surrounded by the constant threat of injury, particularly do to pollution! 

When turtles see things on the surface of the water, they are going to take a bite of it; this is how they are wired, and this is how they get sick and die. 

Other risks include shark bites and turtles becoming entangled in nets from fishermen. 

While many of the younger sea turtles are able to survive their injuries the older sea turtles need help! 

This is where the Sea Turtle hospital comes in. 

The volunteers with the hospital rescue many older turtles and transport them to the rehabilitation center. 

Once at the center, volunteers are able treat the turtles for injuries; whether they are from eating garbage or being hooked on a line and left to die, these volunteers work tirelessly to preserve the lives of these gentle creatures! 

Once the turtles are cared for and given proper nourishment, it is the goal of the hospital to return the turtles to their home in the ocean! 

When a turtle release day comes, HUGE crowds gather to watch these amazing animals return to the ocean! 

Fully recovered and healthy these turtles may have their home in the ocean, but they have some of their best friends back on the shore! 

Watch and SHARE the video below to watch the amazing journey that these rescuers take with their turtle friends!