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The ‘Dude Perfect’ Guys Bring Us Their Take On ‘Christmas Stereotypes’- And They Nailed It!

December 19, 2017

We’re down to the wire. Christmas is less than a week away and the pressure is building. There is very little time left to get everything “perfect” for this once-a-year holiday. Expectations give way to stress, which, if we’re not careful, will get the best of us. When it dawns on us that we're just a few days out, we worry that we might not get everything done in time. My mom always said, “I need just one more day.” Well, she never got that one more day but, somehow, she always managed to get everything accomplished in time for the big day. She may not have gotten much sleep the night before, but we kids never knew it!

As you wrap up the final details of your Christmas plans, take a few minutes out of your busy day to relieve the stress with this fabulous tribute to the all-too-familiar stereotypes that dominate the Christmas season. I definitely know at least one person who fits into each category. And, I have to admit, I am there, too! Which one are you??

The Early Riser


The guy who is so excited about Christmas that he wants everyone to get up at the crack of dawn - or even before! In our house, we always had a time established when it was okay to wake up Mom and Dad. And since I was usually up LATE the night before, it was essential that this be strictly enforced.

The Matching P.J. Portrait

I happen to think this is adorable! It surprises me that everyone doesn’t feel the same way!

Duplicate Dave


If you find a gift that is applicable to anyone, why not take advantage of the bargain?? I have four daughters so they often get the same gift, all in the interest of equity!

Slow Openers

Does anyone really save their wrapping paper for next year? Bows, yes, but paper?? 

Chaos Openers

This is probably that guy we saw in the beginning, who is so excited about Christmas that he cannot contain himself. Personally, I prefer to savor the experience of unveiling the gift inside the beautiful wrapping.

Some Assembly Required

Seriously! Spend the extra fee to have it assembled by the professionals!

The Present Peeker

I always told my kids that any present they peeked at ahead of time, they would not get. It seemed to do the trick! Although they did admit to sneaking downstairs in the wee hours of the morning to see the vast array that Santa had left.

Scary Santa

I guess it is rather frightening to be thrust into the arms of a red-cloaked stranger with a booming voice, whose face you can barely see. What's worse, the child’s parents stand just out of reach smiling and acting as if nothing at all is wrong!

Trash Dad

This is me! I always believe that gathering the trash as it is generated helps keep small items from being lost among the shreds of wrapping paper. We do always save the bows, though. :-)

Last Minute Shopper

This is me, to a certain degree. I usually have my major gift items bought by the week before Christmas, but no matter how much I plan ahead, I need to feel the adrenaline rush of last-minute shopping for it to really feel like Christmas.

The Gift Card Guy

I prefer giving cash. I can attest to the fact that many gift cards/certificates never get spent. I have a gallon-size Ziploc bag full of old gift certificates that I never redeemed - some from the ‘90s! Cash ALWAYS gets used!!

Puppy Surprise

Don’t EVER do this!

Transition Year

It is tricky when adults perceive that the child is getting too old for toys and has more “grown-up” needs. I think that’s the time when Christmas presents are no longer so eagerly anticipated.

The Pocket Knife Situation

Does this really happen? I usually have a pair of scissors handy, although my brother-in-law takes great pride in his knife "situation.”

Game Night

You definitely need to get the right people on your team! I am much better at giving clues that figuring out the clues of my teammates. Much frustration ensues as my family members wait for me to finally figure out what the answer is.

The Rage Monster

This guy is rather scary, although I understand that he’s an exaggeration. Christmas does have a way of building stress in those to whom the holiday means so much.

No Name Tag

If you have a large family, this can be a problem. One year I wrapped each person’s gifts in a separate wrapping paper. It made the ‘no name tag” issue a non-issue. However, my kids didn’t care for the monotony of all their gifts looking alike. I guess the only solution is DON’T FORGET THE TAG!!

Pinterest Cookie Fail

It always looks so much better on Pinterest, doesn’t it? I think it’s really unfair to compare your results with professionals who, obviously, have special tools and, more than likely, little elves doing the work for them.

Tree Police

This might be me, also. I like a well-ordered tree. I find myself trying to distribute all the red balls evenly, then doing the same with the gold ones. And I do agree that the “statement” ornaments deserve a prominent place of honor!

Mr. Treat Yourself

This is very tempting. Somehow, when we are freely spending money on others, some of that magnanimity extends to ourselves. In this person’s defense, if the item is at the best price of the year, then how can you pass it up?

Texas Christmas

Having lived in Southern California for many years, I can truly relate to this guy. I have to admit that it never really felt as “Christmas-y” when the weather wasn’t cold and I wasn’t driving on icy roads and fighting a blizzard as I tried to get my last-minute errands done.

Over The Top Christmas Lights

I believe there is no such thing as too many Christmas lights. The more, the merrier, as far as I’m concerned. I think of the beautiful Christmas light displays as a person’s gift to the neighborhood.

To do these stereotypes justice, you really need to watch the video, below. I was laughing out loud when I watched it, and I don’t usually do that! I hope you enjoy this eight minutes of frivolity. It’ll be time well-spent! Merry Christmas, everyone, and let’s embrace these wonderful stereotypes. Why - it wouldn’t be Christmas without them, would it??