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The First Group Of The Famous ‘Dumpster Puppies’ Are Now Available For Adoption

February 08, 2018

In December 2017, four one-week-old puppies were dropped off at the Sanctuary Rescue Animal Shelter in Midlothian, Virginia. An animal control officer who turned over the puppies had found them in a grocery bag inside a garbage dumpster.

They took in the puppies, cleaned them, fed them, and helped nurse them to good standing health. Little did they know, there would be more surprises to come. Exactly two weeks later, the same officer stopped by with four more one-week-old puppies that were also found in a tied up garbage bag in a dumpster.


Days later, they received four more puppies found in a dumpster. They ensured that the local authorities were investigating the situation and wanted to be sure that the responsible party/parties would be found.


Because they were so young, they still needed milk to survive. At the shelter lived a mama dog whose responsibility was to nurse and care for the young puppies at the shelter. She definitely had her hands, or should I say paws, full so they bottle fed the little puppies with formula.


It has been several weeks since they were rescued and the first round of “dumpster puppies” are now available for adoption! They are all sweet, loving little puppies who are all looking for a forever family to love. Click the Pet Finder link here and search “Sanctuary Rescue” to see the little ones that are available for adoption.


While it is unfathomable that someone could do such things to newborn puppies, we sure are thrilled that they were rescued and are happy, healthy, and thriving little pups!

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