The Fizz Has Got To Be One Of The Funniest Kittens Ever; His Antics Had Me In Stitches

November 21, 2017

Kittens can be such funny little creatures! Most are super-playful but also scared of their own shadows. When I saw the Kitten Lady's video of one of her newer fosters, I was cracking up!

Meet The Fizz! He is a most adorable white kitten who was fostered by the Kitten Lady. Fizz is a strange little kitty that, for a long time, insisted on being hand-fed wet cat food and refused to take a bottle or eat on his own. He is also a cat that makes his presence known, especially when he wants to eat.

Fizz is such a funny kitty! He enjoys watching birds, spiders, squirrels, and butterflies on the computer screen and, what's better is, he attempts to catch them!


Fizz also loves to take selfies, because a cat getting ahold of your phone is basically the same as a toddler who takes hundreds of pictures of their feet and half their face. Check out The Fizz's selfie-taking skills!

Ready for some entertainment? Watch The Fizz and his amusing antics in the video, below! You won't be disappointed, I promise!

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