The Gerber Baby Is About To Turn 91! You Have To See What She Looks Like Now

October 31, 2017

In November the face of Gerber turns 91 and we can't wait to celebrate with her. Her iconic photo is one that is remembered by everyone who has fed their kids Gerber baby food over the past 90 years. She was only four months old when her face became known as the 'Gerber Baby Face'. Fast forward 90 years and the original Gerber Baby is about to turn 91 years old!

It was 1927 when Dorothy Hope Smith sketched a portrait of Ann Taylor Cook who was the daughter of a friend. The next year when the baby food brand launched a contest to find the face of the company, Smith entered her unfinished drawing.

When she submitted the sketch she included a note that said she would finish the sketch if she were chosen. Surprise! She was chosen but the judges liked the sketch just the way it was. So, from there Ann Taylor Cook became the face everyone would recognize; in 1931 her image became the official trademark.

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