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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Kate Middleton’s Hands And The Reason Is Quite Alarming

March 07, 2018

As a member of the British royal family, it’s understood that every single thing you wear, do, say, or think will become news in a matter of minutes. The world is massively obsessed with them, and, for a good reason! They are an intelligent, honorable, graceful, and iconic family.

The Duchess of Cambridge is consistently in the spotlight, and since the announcement of her third pregnancy, even more eyes have been on her. In a recent outing, fans were quick to pick up on a detail no one has seemed to mention before - Kate’s hands.

Per the Royal Protocol, the women of the family are to always carry a clutch in public appearances. While Kate was visiting Oxford Primary School, she donned a breathtaking white coat that perfectly accentuated her growing baby bump. The internet took no notice of the attire but focused on a unique feature of Kate’s fingers.

Her index, middle, and ring fingers are almost identical in length. Most people have varying sizes between the three fingers with the middle generally being the longest. The reason it caught the media’s attention is that it is a unique trait not often seen!

It’s quite comical that news about someone’s finger size is even news at all, but it is a fascinating find! Have you ever met anyone with hands like the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge?


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