The Internet is Going CRAZY Over Yana the 'Two-Faced Kitty' and it's Easy to See Why

With the turmoil and dissension that seems to be flooding the world lately, it's always nice to find a breath of happy, fresh air.

In this case, the undoubtable joy that we're come across is better than anything you've seen floating around the inter-web these days, let me tell you.

Meet Yana, the precious, cuddly, oh-so-loveable "two-faced" kitty.

Um, hello perfection!


Have you ever seen such unique coloring on a cat before? This is a first for me and I couldn't possibly be more obsessed!

Depending on what angle you see her, she could look like two totally different cats. And the coloring on her face is perfectly symmetrical. 

Yana not only is the most perfect looking sweetheart but she also has the BEST personality according to her many adventures captured via Instagram.

To see more of her adorable adventures, follow her here - @yanatwofacecat - which I totally recommend doing.

 Below are some images from her Instagram account. Trust me, you'll quickly fall in love with her too!

A cat of this magnitude needs a lot of beauty rest, obviously.


Waking up from said beauty rest can be a bit of a struggle sometimes!


Here's the pretty princess in all her fabulous glory!


Even when she's just hanging around the house she manages to ALWAYS look photo-ready.


In her spare time, Yana enjoys spending the afternoon doing some light painting.


We could go on and on! 

If Yana were mine, I'd have a hard time getting ANYTHING done because I'd be too busy staring at her.