The Photos Of This Idyllic Farm Will Take Your Breath Away. Wait Until You See Just How Gorgeous This Place Is!

September 19, 2017

Small rural farms are rather incredible places; they have the mystical power to make you feel at home and calm, even when everything around you seems to be going awry. One stunning little farm in the hills of Central Vermont, is the subject of an Instagram account that is full of amazingly beautiful photos.

Longest Acres Farm is a small rural homestead run by a young family. The mom, Kate, is in charge of managing the family’s Instagram account, and taking the gorgeous photos that people can’t help but love. The farm is home to some traditional pets, of course; in particular, a loving German Shepherd-mix named Hawkeyes. More unusual, though, are the Icelandic sheep, Devon cows, and Ossabaw pigs, all contributing to the farm’s quaint atmosphere.

Kate’s photos highlight the beautiful simplicity that can be found in everyday moments, from Hawkeyes clearing the fence in one smooth leap, to a rainstorm soaking the laundry left out on the line. Truly, this Instagram account is a thing of beauty that will leave you longing for a more simple life.

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