The Power Of A Hug Is Amazing! These Animals Think So Too!

September 11, 2017

Never underestimate the power of a hug and all the wonderful things that it can do for your overall health and well-being. When you experience a great big hug you know that the effects are incredible. You immediately experience happiness, resulting in laughter, diminishing anxiety, and lessening stress. This, in turn, leaves you feeling happier and healthier, with warm fuzzy feelings towards the person you embrace. The benefits are amazing!


As wonderful as hugs are, why don’t we give more of them? We need them, yet our lives get so extremely busy that we forget to embrace our loved ones. Then, before you know it, we’ve gone a day or two without giving or receiving one little squeeze. We aren’t the only ones who realize that hugs are good for the heart and soul. Animals know their value, as well, and do a darn good job showing us just how important they are, and how we shouldn’t try to live without them. In this video, you will see how they just can’t wait to give you an embrace! Beware though, once they grab on they’re not letting go. They will hug all day long if you let them and, when you attempt to move or reposition yourself, you will have one annoyed little animal. They think the sun rises and sets on us, so why would they ever want to let go?


These sweet hugs will leave you smiling for days. You’ll even be encouraged to go out and hug your own fur babies, and the other loved ones who surround you on a daily basis. You’ll be happier and healthier, just from a simple little bear hug. Enjoy this video and all its cuteness!

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