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The Queen Is Getting Fed Up With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Continually Breaking This Royal Protocol

March 20, 2018

When a couple gets engaged, it seems as though life for the two couldn’t get any better. Colors seem more vibrant, the air smells cleaner, and life, in general, is all-around wonderful. No matter what may come your way, nothing can knock you down from the high of being in love.

Some deem this loving adoration the “honeymoon phase”. Lovers can’t seem to take their eyes off one another and adoration pulses through their veins. It’s not uncommon to see them holding hands or putting an arm around the other.

Just because you’re a member of the Royal family doesn’t change those feelings. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been known to show a great deal of PDA. In this family, though, there are many Royal Protocols that must be followed, and PDA isn’t one of them. Because this has been seen more often than allowed, the Queen knew it was time to weigh in on the matter.

An inside source stated: “Being affectionate just comes naturally to Harry and Meghan, but it’s totally against royal protocol. The Queen isn’t thrilled about it at all, and word is she summoned Harry to the palace to remind him what’s expected of a royal. All the hand-holding isn’t the royal way at all.”

Though their love grows stronger with each passing day, if the Queen becomes irritated by a continual breaking of protocol, you know it’s time to tap the breaks on the behavior. I supposed from now on they’ll have to keep the hand-holding at bay until they’re out of the public’s eye.


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