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The Queen Made Secret ‘Appearance’ At Lindo Wing On Day Of Baby Prince’s Birth. Here’s The Shocking Reason Why You Didn’t Hear About It

April 26, 2018

Wait! You say you didn’t know Her Majesty, the Queen visited her new great-grandson at the hospital? Well, this particular ‘appearance’ has been kept under wraps, and for good reason.

You see, someone had a great idea for a practical joke and carried it out to such an elaborate degree that many of the people present were momentarily taken in. Did they get a look-alike to show up pretending to be Queen Elizabeth II? Well, kind of.


Here is how the joke went down, according to news.com: “The Queen appeared in a black cab outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London, where Kate Middleton [had] just given birth to her third child.

“Only it wasn’t really Her Majesty, but a lifelike waxwork mannequin dressed in a pink jacket and pearls." Actually, it looks more like lilac, to me. Which was a good call because the Queen is partial to all shades of purple.

“The crowd of royal fans waiting outside the Paddington hospital found the bizarre prank ‘very funny,’ according to onlookers. The black cab attracted instant attention with many rushing up to the door for a look inside, before having to be told ‘it’s wax.’

“It wasn’t immediately clear who had planned the joke, as media and well-wishers waited for a sighting of Kate and the baby boy after Prince William left the Lindo Wing promising to be ‘back in a minute.’”

I guess that’s one (amusing) way to pass the time when waiting for your first glimpse a new Royal Family member! Now, if only we could have such entertaining fare while we hang around to find out what the little guy’s name is!

I am usually not a fan of practical jokes but, in this case, no one was hurt in the process so I guess it’s okay. Would you have been fooled???

And to the mastermind who thought up the elaborate scheme, “Well done!” I'll bet there are at least of few of us who are having a bit of trouble telling which of the above photos are the real Queen, and which ones are fake.

To see the video of "the Queen's" short visit to The Lindo Wing of St.Mary's Hospital in Paddington, click on the play icon, below.


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