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The Queen Makes Bold, Unprecedented Decision To Finally Move On. Now, The Internet Can’t Stop Freaking Out Over It

April 02, 2019

It appears as though another monumental moment has come to pass in the British royal family, and it’s not one anyone ever expected to hear about so soon.


The head of the family, Queen Elizabeth, is known for being the solid rock in the family. She’s the glue that holds everyone together and ensures that all members of the family are performing to their utmost abilities in their varying roles.


As she’s grown older, though, some of her tasks and responsibilities have been delegated to other members of the family. She’s chosen to pass the torch in certain areas to some she feels could adequately hold their own in the respective areas she’s granted them.


Recently, she made a bold, unprecedented move that no one saw coming and the world can’t silence their chatter over the subject.

At the beginning of April, she made the decision to finally call it quits behind the wheel of a car. The 92-year-old monarch is, in fact, the only person in all of the UK who is not required to hold a valid driver’s license.


Many believe that her decision was spurred on shortly after her husband, Prince Philip, was involved in an automobile accident. Sources state that her security team had advised her upon this decision for her wellbeing, but the decision was ultimately hers to make on whether she’d follow their warnings or not.


For someone like the Queen, this choice won’t be one that will hinder her day-to-day life in the least bit. For the most part, she’s already chauffered around to her every event, meeting, and occasion necessary.


Now, her team is in full control of her transportation needs more than ever before and, just like everyone else working on the grounds of the palace, will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure the Queen’s safety first and foremost.

What do you think about this? Did you see this decision coming so soon?

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