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The Queen’s Best Kept Secrets From Her Coronation- She Still Has A Lot To Say About That Pivotal Day

February 27, 2018

When she became the reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth went through a process that much of the world will never experience: Coronation. 65 years later, she shares secrets and personal thoughts from that fascinating event.

For many, Her Majesty’s Coronation was enchanting, monumental, and exciting. However, her personal experience tells a different story. The truths of that day are fascinating.

H.R.H was prepped for the coronation long before she went through it herself. At only 11 years, young Elizabeth was asked to write a review of her father’s, King George IV, coronation. Now, at 90-years-old, The Queen reflects on that assignment as being crucial in importance to preparing for the big day.

The day of the coronation, the queen arrival truly seemed like a fairytale; she arrived in a horse-drawn carriage!! While it looked beautiful on the outside, she remembers being unbearably uncomfortable in it. She shares, “It was horrible. It’s just not meant for traveling in. . . it’s only sprung on leather. The horses couldn’t possibly go any faster.”

Another secret, The Queen couldn’t look down while wearing the esteemed crown. At over 5 pounds, the crown sat atop her head so haphazardly that she could hardly move. While she read her speech-one of the most anticipated moments of the coronation- she was only thinking about one thing: the crown falling off. She even said, “You can’t lean down to read your speech. You have to bring [the speeches] up. Because if you did your neck would break and it would fall off.”

At nearly three hours long, the coronation had guests and members quite concerned over food. In fact, some participants and guests snuck food into the ceremony by hiding sandwiches and treats in their clothing! Sadly for The Queen, she was never able to sneak a bite of something since she was the guest of honor!

Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was the first coronation ceremony to be televised, therefore, it’s glory can live on and on. The day was full of extravagance, traditions, and royalty. While you can’t be there for the day now, you can always watch it online or television. Now, you can watch the day knowing some of the best-kept secrets!


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