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The Queen’s True Feelings About Prince Andrew’s Ex, Sarah Ferguson, Exposed During Awkward Public Display, Revealing The One Thing We’ve Always Suspected

June 22, 2018

On day four of the Royal Ascot in Britain, the ladies continued to stun with their lovely and colorful frocks and hats. Queen Elizabeth has been in attendance every day so far, and each day she seems to shine a bit more than the day before.

On this day, though, she had a little more on her mind than the wardrobe of her friends, family, and subjects. On this day, she was facing an awkward encounter and knew the world would be watching her reaction to the potentially thorny confrontation.

Although we have seen Prince Andrew and daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie each day of the event, noticeably absent was the girls’ mother, the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

Although the couple had separated in March of 1992 and divorced in May four years later, the family of four have remained close.

Some say the degree to which they have preserved their family, borders on what amounts to the couple still being together. While that is not true, legally, by all appearances the exes carry on as though the divorce had never happened.

What the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family think about this unconventional arrangement has never been made public, but it seems that there are some in the family who are squarely in the Duchess’ camp.

One of those appears to be Her Majesty herself, and her behavior at Friday's Royal Ascot procession gave away her true feelings.

As reported in Express, "Day four of Royal Ascot is well underway, with the Royal Family making an appearance each day of the prestigious horse racing meet so far. Today was the turn of flame-haired Fergie, who turned heads when she appeared with her daughter and ex-husband, who she reportedly still has a close relationship with.

"Sarah Ferguson, 58, stepped out at Royal Ascot today with her daughter Princess Beatrice, 29, and her ex-husband Prince Andrew, 58. Fergie looked chic in a navy blue ensemble, adhering to the strict Royal Ascot dress code with matching hat and accessories.

“After arriving, Sarah was spotted curtseying to Her Majesty the Queen with Beatrice and Andrew, holding onto her daughter's hand, possibly for support.”

No one could miss the utterly unbridled enthusiasm with which the Queen’s former daughter-in-law greeted the Monarch. Her display left no doubt that ‘Fergie’ as she is affectionately known, still has a fond connection to her ex-husband’s mother.

But is her sentiment toward the Queen a one-way street or does Her Majesty return the warm feelings? That question was answered later in the day when the two met up face-to-face in the Royal Family’s private seating area.

“Getting rid of the formalities, Fergie was later spotted laughing and chatting with the Queen away from prying eyes in a Royal Box.” But photographers were still able to capture this very telling photograph of the two behaving as the very best of friends!

It is so good to see that some of the rifts of the past are being mended, and it could not have been made more clear that the one between Sarah Ferguson and the Queen is well on its way to being good as new.

The obvious question, however, is “Does this mean that the Queen is onboard with the rumored remarriage of her favorite son and the wife he left behind two decades ago?

Of course, only time will tell, but if hopes and wishes come true, then the long-awaited reunion between their Royal Highnesses Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson is only a matter of time. We can’t wait to see the rest of the story unfold as time goes on.


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