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The Queen Strictly Forbids Her Family From Taking Part In This - Because It Nearly Tore Them Apart

March 29, 2018

Queen Elizabeth strictly forbids her family from taking part in this common activity. And while, on the surface, its prohibition seems harsh, when you learn the reason why she had to do it, you will probably just nod your head and say, "I get it."

No, this decree is not in the book of Royal Rules & Protocol, but it must be observed just as if it were. In fact, the ruling was handed down so recently that her children are the first generation of Royals to have to comply.

Yes, within the Royal family, there are rules for just about everything: what and when they can eat, what to wear, and even how to properly say "hello."

Most of these practices have been around for centuries, and you can be certain that they all have solid reasons behind why the Royals must strictly adhere to them.

There is one "rule," however, that is a rather recent addition to the Windsor Family's rigid guidelines and Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward are the first generation to ever have to adhere to it.

Although we are not certain just when the "rule" went into effect, we can reveal that Prince Andrew let the secret slip during a candid interview back in 2008. And from the way the Prince describes it, you can bet that breaking protocol on this will result in swift and severe consequences.

What is this "secret" rule? According to Express, Andrew explained, “We’re not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious.” That's right!

Just as I suspected. This bunch is no different from any other fiercely competitive brood when Park Place and Boardwalk are on the line!

I can only imagine what that final family contest with the popular board game looked and sounded like - for Her Majesty to lay down the law so unequivocally!

To be honest, it was probably no different from how it was when my three siblings and I took part in this beloved family activity.

Always fun in the beginning, but becoming cut-throat as the game wore on . . . and it NEVER ended well!

The Queen's wisdom never ceases to amaze me. In her efforts to keep her family together, she made a tough call, but I am certain it paid off in the long run!

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