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The Royal Honeymoon ‘Curse’ And How Harry And Meghan Can Avoid Falling Under It’s ‘Spell’

June 01, 2018

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially man and wife, the next step is, naturally, the honeymoon. Even though the newlyweds decided against leaving immediately for their post-wedding trip, they are reportedly definitely going to take one. And, as of yet, there has been no confirmed report about their final choice, most notably: where, when, and for how long?

Rumors of Namibia and Canada have been swirling for weeks and the likelihood that it will be one of those is very high, indeed. And, if these rumors are true, it looks as though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex won’t be affected by the infamous “Royal Honeymoon Curse” that has befallen every single Royal couple that chose this particular destination for their post-nuptials getaway.

Now, you may not be the least bit superstitious and, to you, the notion that a ‘curse’ could be placed on anything is ridiculously far-fetched. Normally, I would find myself squarely in your corner, but in this case, I have a lot of questions about what has happened and, more importantly, why?

When scientific evidence seems to support something that looks a whole lot like a ‘curse’ you just may find yourself rethinking your long-held beliefs about unexplainable situations. And when the ‘unexplainable situation’ has to do with the Royal Family, a person’s ears just might perk up in search of further details.

Over the course of Royal History, a favorite landing-place for newlywed couples has been the luxurious Royal Yacht, Britannia. And why not? The idea of getting away from it all aboard a lavish sea-going craft seems like a dream come true.

Well, for the unfortunate royal couples who did select this option, things did not end up exactly as they had hoped.

According to the Mirror, “Four royal couples chose a honeymoon at sea, onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia; Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones, and Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.”

No one knows exactly what happened during their cruises, but something must have gone awry because, “unfortunately, every single one of these marriages ended in divorce.”

That seems a bit more than coincidence, doesn’t it? Especially when you consider that “all of the royal couples who chose different honeymoon destinations are still together today.”

So what about Harry and Meghan? Even if they hadn’t had their hearts set on Africa or North America, turns out that they would still be safe from the 'Britannia Curse.'

Thankfully, everyone in the Royal Family can breathe a sigh of relief because the Britannia was decommissioned back in 1994 and is no longer available for royal cruises, honeymoon or otherwise. The decommissioning service was an emotional day for the Queen, who, instead of issuing a sigh of relief, “publicly shed a tear.”

Only time will tell just where the newest Royal Couple will spend their long-awaited dream vacation, but one thing is for certain: the lovebirds will enjoy each other's company and the opportunity to get to know one another a little better - without the prying eye of the omnipresent media who seem to always be right around the corner.

To learn more about what Prince Harry and Meghan are considering for their Royal Honeymoon, watch the video, below.


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