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The Surprising Color-Coordinated Accessory The Queen Never Leaves Home Without - And We Don't Mean Her Handbag Or Her Hat

March 11, 2018

The Queen is the epitome of style and grace, and she is always dressed to the nines in the most beautiful, color-coordinated ensembles. We've all noticed the hats, and you can't miss the handbags. But Her Majesty also has one other important accessory that is also carefully color-coordinated so as not to spoil her overall look. And we'll bet you never noticed!

The Queen is a complete professional whose days are filled with many events, activities, and meet-and-greets - no matter the weather. So what is a style-conscious Monarch to do when she has carefully planned her ensemble, right down to the shoes, handbag, and hat, and then rain comes along and threatens to spoil everything?

For Queen Elizabeth, it is anathema to disappoint her subjects who have eagerly awaited her arrival, some for hours just to catch a glimpse of Her Majesty - in the flesh. Thank goodness she has that eventuality accounted for. She has an umbrella that matches every outfit! Of course, she does!!

That's right...you say you never noticed that? Well, I have to admit that I didn't either, but it's true. If you're not convinced, then just take a look at these photos:

Today.com has compiled all the evidence anyone would ever need with this beautiful array of photos. Don't you think Her Majesty, The Queen, is just the cutest thing ever?!

Don't you just love her? She's the ultimate professional and is ready for anything that comes her way, even if it's a sudden cloudburst.

She'll be there as promised, and stay as fresh as a daisy thanks to her clever planning.

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