The Wacky Cake Was Made Famous During The Great Depression And We Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of It

May 31, 2017

Brown Eyed Baker

The Great Depression was one of the most difficult seasons in America's history. It was a time unlike any other. Families were poor and the mothers had to get extremely creative with meal preparations in order to make food last as long as possible.

Many creative cooks found ways around their traditional family recipes by replacing some of the pricier ingredients for lesser expensive alternatives. Many of the recipes turned out so well that they have stood the test of time and are still being created to this very day!


Brown Eyed Baker

One of the recipes that is still being made to this very day is a dessert called a wacky cake. You only need a few humble ingredients to create this iconic American classic.

This is something so simple yet packs such incredible flavor! It's moist, decadent, and can feed many people on a small budget. It's easy to see why this was a wildly popular dessert.

Brown Eyed Baker

Up until recently, I hadn't heard of this particular dessert before and thought I would give it a try. Much to my surprise, my family went wild for it! I knew it would be good but I didn't know just how decadent and moist it would turn out to be. Needless to say, I've been making it a ton ever since! Check out the recipe on the following page to see just how simple it is to make this incredible dessert.


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