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Theo’s Neglect Was So Severe Rescuers Couldn’t Tell What Color He Was. When They Finally Groomed Him, They Were Amazed By What They Saw

February 19, 2018

When Hope For Paws Rescuers Eldad and Annie, were driving along in Compton they weren’t going to answer a call about a dog in need of help, but that’s what happened anyways. During their drive, they spotted a small, extremely dirty and matted dog hiding beneath a trailer parked on the side of the road.

Annie hung back to record the events while Eldad began to approach, but it wasn’t until he got a look at the terrified dog hiding underneath the trailer that he realized just how needed they were. As he approached, he tried to offer the frightened dog they would name Theo a bite of hamburger. Theo was too frightened and began to take off running.

Theo ran inside of a yard that was mostly enclosed, and Eldad knew his best chance to save his pup was approaching. As he followed Theo around the building, he saw the sunlight and realized that it’s possible the area wasn’t as secure as he had hoped. It was time to act, and he had to move fast.

Although he hates using the gentle snare on smaller dogs, Eldad was left with no other option and he slipped the lead around Theo, stopping him in his tracks. Theo began to thrash and fight as soon as the leash tightened around him, his lips pulling back into a snarl and his eyes flying wide from fear.

Theo managed to land one bite on Eldad before he began to calm down. Eventually, Theo settled down enough that they were able to remove him from the streets and take him back to the veterinarian’s office where he got the shaving down he desperately needed. Then, they realized just how sweet and loving Theo actually was when he wasn’t terrified and in pain.

Although it took his spirit a bit to return, Mutt Scouts found a foster home who was willing to help him get through it all. With the help of his foster siblings and the love of his foster mom, Theo has managed to overcome his horrific past and is now a sweet and loving dog. His future is definitely going to be full of love and happiness.