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These 10 Jellyfish Photographs Are Sure To Leave You Full Of Awe

October 13, 2017

Jellyfish are incredibly magnificent creatures. With their alien-like appearance and the calming way they float through the ocean, it’s easy to see how relaxing they can be. These magnificent creatures have fascinated people for centuries, and that’s sure to continue.

Jellyfish are so mesmerizing to watch that it’s impossible not to love them. Even photographs of them can relax you and leave you seeing the world in a whole new light. That’s why we’ve gathered photographs to bring you the Top Ten Jellyfish!

1. These gorgeous Jellyfish who look truly amazing in the green lighting

2. These dazzling Moon Jellyfish who make you want to pause and stare for hours

3. This Jellyfish who is so mesmerizing you can’t help but study it

4. This Photograph captures the graceful movements of the Jellyfish, making it appear as if it were dancing, allowing you to feel the motion even though it’s just a moment frozen in time.

5. This beautiful Jellyfish whose coloring is just breathtaking

6. This Jellyfish who stands out so perfectly against the black background

7. These elegant-looking Jellyfish who have the most brilliant colorations

8. This dazzling jellyfish who looks truly stunning

9. This splendid Jellyfish with extremely unusual coloring that is sure to catch your eye

10. This swarm of Moon Jellies who look so squishy that they'd make a great pillow - if it weren't for the stinging tentacles!

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