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These Adorable Beagle Puppies Are Sure To Brighten Up Your Day

October 09, 2017

Beagles are the fifth most popular dog breed in the USA this year! Perhaps part of the reason they’re so beloved is that a cartoon dog we all grew up with, Snoopy, is a beagle himself! These sweethearts aren’t all just good looks and great attitudes. These magnificent dogs also excel at being extreme loudmouths that love to bark, howl, and bay.

Beagles not only happen to be some of the most beloved dogs, but their puppies tend to be some of the cutest ones around. That’s why we’ve gathered this list of the Top Ten Beagle Puppies!

This sweet Beagle who is learning to howl!

This playful Beagle who loves to stick his tongue out at people

This little pup who just wants you to put the camera down and give him some scratchies

This lovely Beagle who wants to give you kisses for Christmas!

This grumpy boy who isn’t sure why you woke him up for photographs!

This adorable pile of sleepy newborns

This loving puppy who absolutely adores sleeping curled up in the bed.

This tired Beagle who loves to cuddle with his favorite bud, Mr. Croc!

This gentle boy who just wants to smother you with kisses!

This gorgeous puppy who looks like he’s ready to release a new album cover!

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