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These Are The Ten Most Beautiful Starfish On The Internet. When You See Them You Won’t Be Able To Hold Back Your Grin

October 13, 2017

Starfish are amazing creatures, capable of rather intriguing feats! If a limb is lost, the Starfish can regrow the limb entirely - although it may take a year. Some species can grow a new body from just one leg. They also have a really cool name that is used to describe a group of them! A group of Starfish is called a Galaxy!

While Starfish are truly astounding creatures with awesome capabilities, they are also beautiful to look at. That’s why we’ve searched under every rock we could, to bring you these Top Ten Most Beautiful Starfish!

1. This gorgeous Starfish has some beautiful colors!

2. This bright Starfish has the boldest color pattern we’ve ever seen on a creature!

3. This wine-colored Starfish has almost the perfect color to camouflage himself on the rocks where he lives.

4. These beautiful orange Starfish who live in a tide pool

5. This prickly-looking Starfish who needed a helping hand getting back into the ocean

6. This smooth, vibrant-red Starfish who is absolutely stunning

7. This Galaxy of Starfish who were left high-and-dry on the pier when the tide went out

8. These Starfish who are keeping the Anemone company in the low tide!

9. This deep-red Starfish, hanging out on the marina floor

10. This breath-taking Starfish whose red spikes stand out so stunningly against his pale blue body

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