These Cats Are Some Of The Rarest Animals In The World. When You See The Top 10 Cutest Sand Cats, Your Heart Will Melt

October 13, 2017

Sand Cats are amazing felines and are the only cat breed to live exclusively in the deserts of Africa and Southeast Asia. These tiny cats weigh only four to eight pounds as fully grown adults, and survive in the harshest of deserts - including the Sahara! To help them endure the oppressive heat of their environment, they have extremely large ears that help cool them down, and long fur between their toes to protect their paws from the hot sand.

Sand Cats are truly astounding creatures, and it’s impossible not to love them. Not only are they amazing at surviving in hot deserts, they also happen to be adorable-looking. That’s why we’ve gathered the Top Ten Sand Cat photographs for you!

1. This adorable adult Sand Cat whom you just want to cuddle

2. This tiny Sand Cat who is practicing its stalking skills

3. This mother Sand Cat and her litter of kittens are the cutest things you’ll see all week.

4. This gorgeous Sand Cat who looks so much like our house cats when he grooms himself

5. This litter of extremely young Sand Cat kittens and their momma in their den

6. This brave Sand Cat who is determined to save his species from extinction

7. This brilliant Sand Cat watching the photographer, ready to defend her young kitten at the slightest sign of trouble

8. This elegant Sand Cat who is trying to perfect a dog’s begging eyes!

9. This sleepy Sand Cat who just couldn’t stay awake another moment

10. This daring Sand Cat who knows how amazing his camouflage is, and can’t wait to use it!

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