These Dogs Are So Gorgeous We Had To Rank Them In Our Top 10 Most Beautiful Huskies!

October 12, 2017

Huskies are an amazing breed that can be the absolutely perfect pet - for the right person. They are an extremely active and intelligent breed, which can lead to complete disaster and chaos if their needs are not met! When they are with an active owner who can challenge them both physically and mentally, they are completely astounding dogs who will reward their owners with undying loyalty and hysterical antics.

Not only are Huskies extremely intelligent animals, but they also happen to be shockingly beautiful! With the wide variety of coat colors and eye colors, there’s a Husky for everyone! That’s why we’ve gathered the Top Ten Cutest Huskies!

1. This loving Husky who is truly gorgeous

2. This goofy Husky who just wants some affection

3. This majestic Husky who looks as though he is ready to jump into action

4. This adorable Husky puppy who has her own built-in Mascara!

5. This welcoming Husky who loves to wave 'Hello' to everyone he meets

6. This little Husky pup who always wants something new to eat!

7. This silly Husky who is always very happy-go-lucky

8. This Husky whose eyes are breathtaking

9. This playful Husky who can’t decide if he wants a belly rub or a wrestle!

10. This gorgeous Husky puppy who just loves his Momma so much he can’t take his eyes off of her

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