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These K-9 Siblings Have The Cutest Relationship. When You See The Photos Of Them As They Grow, You Won’t Be Able To Help But Fall In Love With Them

September 14, 2017

German Shepherds are some of the most beloved dogs in the world, and it’s easy to see why. These magnificent dogs have alert, intelligent eyes that are so full of soul it’s impossible to not love them. German Shepherds are known for their extreme loyalty to their pack, whether it be made up of humans or other animals!

Cash and Arya live in Homer, Alaska, with their doting owner. Cash is the elder of the two siblings and he loves to play with his little sister. Like a good big brother, he loves to protect and teach Arya.

Ever since Arya joined the family, Cash has been teaching her to be the best dog she can be. Now that she’s older, the two love to roughhouse and play. Of course, she now is big and old enough to lead the chase and keep the toys for herself when she wants to. These K-9 siblings are the cutest things ever, and it only makes it better that they happen to be one of the cutest dog breeds around, too.

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