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These Kids Conquer Their Fear of Doctors by PERFORMING SURGERIES! [VIDEO]

March 30, 2017

Children can have many fears in life; the dark, strangers, monsters and the list goes on! 

One fear that is understandable is the fear of a doctor's office! 

Because children do not necessarily know the environment or the people in it, a doctor's office can be a scary place. 

And, most children's first experience in a doctor's office has to do with getting SHOTS! Who wouldn't be afraid of strange people with big needles!? 

However, going the doctor is a crucial part of staying healthy, so it is important for children to conquer this fear! 

A hospital in Portugal is helping kids conquer their fear of doctors in an unconventional and AMAZING way! 

The hospital hosts "simulation workshops for kids". This means that the doctors, in a controlled environment, let the children help with surgical procedures! 

Realizing that kids were still frightened of doctors even after many conversations explaining why they should not be afraid, the hospital decided to take a literal "hands on" approach! 

By letting them participate in surgical procedures, the hospital has assisted many children in conquering their fear of hospitals and doctors! 

Seeing how careful the doctors are with every procedure helps the children realize that the doctors are not there to cause them pain, but rather they are there to HELP them with their pain! 

Watch these incredible kids overcome their fear with the help of these incredible doctors! 

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