These Marbled Oreo Cookies Can Be Made in Just THREE Easy Steps [VIDEO]


This just might be the fanciest Oreo we've ever seen.

In just three simple steps, you can transform normal Oreo cookies to a chocolaty, marble-swirled cookie display!

These beauties would be absolutely perfect for a bridal or baby shower, holiday gathering, girl's night, or even a birthday party.


White chocolate
Food coloring
toothpicks, for swirling
wax paper
cookie sheet



Melt your white chocolate in microwave. After melted, separate chocolate into different bowls. This will enable you to use different food colorings for your cookies.

Gather your food coloring choices. Add drops of food coloring to various bowls of white chocolate. Feel free to get creative with the color choices!


Take a toothpick and swirl the food coloring into the chocolate. This step creates the beautiful marbled look.

Dip each Oreo halfway into the marbled chocolate. Take a wax paper-lined cookie sheet and place each cookie on it to allow the chocolate to properly set.


If you want your chocolate to set faster, place in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.

How stunning are these?! I will DEFINITELY be making them for my next gathering!

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