These Marmosets Have Over 1 Million Instagram Followers! When You See Their Cute Photos, You’ll Instantly See Why

September 25, 2017

Since the beginning of time, people have loved to tame wild animals and keep them for themselves. Owning an exotic animal has often been seen as a status symbol, and people do their best to own the largest or most dangerous exotics they can. Then, there are those on the opposite end of the spectrum who want a smaller exotic animal because of how cute and easily managed they are. Marmosets are one of the most easily kept small exotics, and they are definitely cute as a button.

Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong are two cute marmosets who live with their loving owner in Miami, Florida. Diddy and Yeti are true Instagram stars with over 1 million followers earned from only 334 photos of the playful monkeys doing all sorts of goofy things! As soon as they started their Instagram journey, they shot to fame with their hysterical photos and videos that have captured the hearts of so many people!

Diddy is the elder of the two Finger Monkeys and is the reason the account was started. He is the bigger star of course, and has even starred in a music video! Little Yeti Kong is working hard to rise to fame and we have no doubt that, soon enough, she’ll match her brother's popularity. These two Marmosets don’t seem to know their fame yet, and instead enjoy relaxing with the family, getting head scratches and watching TV. These are definitely the cutest Marmosets on Instagram!

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