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These Men Love Cats And When People See What Great Heights They Go In Order To Rescue Them They Are Amazed

August 22, 2017

We have all seen either a cartoon or a television show that portrays a sweet innocent kitty stuck in a tree and the owner trying to coax them down. Sometimes, they even call the fire department to rescue the poor stuck kitty! 

Well, if you live in Seattle, Washington there are two men that you can call if this happens to your sweet feline. Brothers-in-law Tom Shaw and Shaun Sears are professional arborists who spend some of their off hours rescuing cats that find themselves in this predicament. 

You may think that since cats always land on their feet and have nine lives they would have no need of being rescued. Actually, in places like Seattle that have very very tall trees cats need rescuing more than you might think. In fact, the pair has rescued about 375-400 cats a year since 2008!

 Tom and Shaun know that fellow arborists in the area charge $500-$700 to rescue someone's cat from a tree. Many people cannot afford to pay that to have their feline companion rescued, but thanks to Tom and Shaun's love for cats, they don't have to. Tom and Shaun charge nothing to climb trees and save kitties. 


These aren't just little apple trees that they are climbing to save other people's cats either. Seattle is home to many different varieties of evergreen trees that tower tall above houses and businesses. Tom and Shaun are putting their lives at risk every time they go up a tree to rescue someone's poor scared kitty.


Of course, while I'm sure the cats are glad to be rescued, they do not like being held by a person dangling from a rope up in a tree. So, the team places them in a bag to carry them down safely. I can't say that I would like that either. You can be sure that every cat that Tom and Shaun have rescued has a very grateful owner! 

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