These Mountain Lions Were Saved From Abusive Owners, Now They Are Living In The Lap Of Luxury

August 28, 2017

Mountain Lions are amazingly majestic creatures, although they are sadly not considered greater cats. The distinction of what makes a cat a Greater Cat, is the ability to roar and mountain lions lack the ability to produce a true roar. However, mountain lions can produce an assortment of sounds, even purring like your average house cat.

Mountain Lions are known by a wide variety of names such as puma, cougar, and panther. The diversity of names is most likely due to the fact that they have such a large range, their native habitat running from the Canadian Yukon down to the southern Andes in South America. These amazing creatures can thrive in almost any American Habitat from deserts to forests and grasslands.

These dignified creatures are beloved by many cultures, and can signify a multitude of things in Native American beliefs. With their variety of sounds, they are coveted pets for people who prefer a more exotic animal. The animals tend to suffer in these cases, as most people are not able to feed or house an animal of that size or power.

Duchess and Duke are two mountain lions living at a sanctuary in Texas after being rescued from deplorable conditions. The two mountain lions were living on a property with two Bengal tigers when they were rescued. A judge declared their habitat not only dangerous for the animals, but for humans as well, and they were removed. The Houston SPCA originally claimed the animals, until the sanctuary could receive them.

Duchess and Duke are now living comfortably in a large habitat they share. The two cats are able to feel the warm sunshine and hide in the trees at their new clean home, and they are thriving on their healthy diet. Duchess is very in touch with her instincts and is always paying attention to her surroundings. Duke is the friendlier of the two, always willing to sit and chat a while with whoever is coming by.

Duke loves to hang out in his cave or lie in the grass during the day, feeling the breeze blow through. Duchess loves to sit on her perch in the trees, watching the visitors as they pass by.

The two tigers, Prince and Princess, are also living happily at the sanctuary in their own enclosure. They love to swim and love on each other all the time. Thanks to the care of one rescue, these four big cats are now safe and happy, free to live as they want at the sanctuary.

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