These Rescuers Went To Rescue a Litter Of Orphaned Puppies, They Never Expected Them To Be So Feisty!

August 08, 2017

When Lucky Puppy and Hope for Paws Animal Rescues heard about an orphaned litter of puppies, they knew they needed to jump right into action. Their mother had gone missing two weeks ago, and a neighbor had been feeding them while they tried to find someone to help. The pups were in desperate of need of being rescued, but apparently they did not think so. 

Six volunteers from the two rescues joined forces to save the pups. When they arrived, they found the litter of five was running loose in a lot, and seemed to have a den in the thick vines and Ivy that covered a wall. The five were easily lured out towards the rescuers with burgers, but they were too feisty to allow themselves to be grabbed last minute.

As the pups retreated back into the heavy brush, the rescuers realized this was going to be a hard rescue. These pups would not be going down without a fight! The pups appear to be terrier mixes, which are known for being feisty little dogs!

The rescuers swiftly set up fencing around the den, trapping the pups in the small area. The little fighters watched all of this curiously, and when they managed to snag the first pup, Luna Sky, with the catch pole, she fought hard against them. Although these pups were scared, they were fighters. Baby Sunset came out much the same as the first puppy, but he fought harder to try and bite the rescuers.

The remaining puppies retreated further back into their den. One of the rescuers was forced to crawl into the thick vines after the puppies in order to catch them. Sunny Boy and River came out without too much trouble, although they weren’t a big fan of leaving the den either. The final puppy was little Lightning who definitely earned her name. The first two times they tried to grab her, she managed to quickly dodge their attempts. Lightning was finally caught but she wasn’t going down without a fight, and she is the only one of the pups who managed to break the skin of a rescuer.

When all five puppies were safely rescued, they were taken to a vet to be looked over. Although their mother had been missing for two weeks at the time, they were in surprisingly good health. From there, the pups went to Lucky Puppy rescue where they were able to make friends with the rescuers and with other dogs.

The five little warriors are now completely healthy and looking for forever homes. Hopefully these five pups soon find people of their very own and they can be spoiled for the rest of their lives!

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