These 10 Big Cats Are So Gorgeous, They’re Sure To Leave You Feeling Inspired!

October 13, 2017

Big cats are truly amazing creatures, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love these astounding felines. With their pure strength and ability to rule themselves, they command respect from everyone that meets them. These animals know how to rule over their domain, and they do so with an iron fist.

Large cats are not just rulers of their domain, they are also truly stunning creatures that demand your attention when you see them. That’s why we’ve gathered the Top Ten Most Gorgeous Big Cats for you!

1. This regal Lion, master of his pride and ruler of his domain

2. This glorious Tiger, slowly creeping through the dense brush

3. This doting Cheetah mother, who cares for her cub at all costs - even when he’s practicing his attacks on her face

4. This magnificent Leopard who knows just how to crouch when stalking his prey

5. This mesmerizing Snow Leopard who rules the treetops without a doubt

6. This amazing Jaguar, who fears no one and nothing in this world

7. This wonderful Clouded Leopard who almost looks cuddle-able

8. This regal Lioness - warrior and queen at the same time

9. This elegant Tiger, slowly patrolling his land, confident in his strength and abilities

10. This breath-taking Mountain Lion, who knows who the real ruler of the Big Cats is

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