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These Ten Mutts Are The Most Gorgeous Ones On The Internet!

October 11, 2017

Mutts are some of the most amazing dog breeds out there, and it’s not hard to see why they’ve become so popular! These shelter mixes are usually the result of irresponsible breeding, but they can definitely make some of the best pets around!

Mutts are absolutely some of the best-looking canines out there! With the wide range of genetics, they have the chance to have a rather unexpected appearance! That’s why we’ve gathered these pics of the Top Ten Most Gorgeous Mutts!

1. This gorgeous service dog mutt whose eyes are guaranteed to melt your heart

2. This beautiful pup who has mastered the art of the head tilt - and knows when to use it

3. This charming mutt who just wants some head scratches

4. This goofy mutt who loves to jump and play in the freshly raked-up leaves

5. This dog who loves to support his team by wearing their colors!

6. This smiley pup who loves to play outdoors every chance he gets

7. This brave mutt who has never let his missing leg hold him back!

8. This adventurous pup who loves to race through the woods every chance he gets!

9. This majestic Terrier mix who looks like he belongs in the wild

10. This happy mutt who just loves to be outside whenever he can

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