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These Ten Photos Of Whales And Dolphins Are Sure To Leave You Smiling

October 13, 2017

In recent years, Whales and Dolphins have risen to the forefront of people’s minds, as awareness of their plight in captivity grows. In their natural habitat, Whales and Dolphins are very social creatures, forming strong family bonds, and each pod has its own specific dialect. Sadly, there is no way to replicate those conditions in captivity, and they’re forced to pay the price for it.

Seeing Dolphins and Whales in their wild state, living free in the ocean, is one of the greatest joys in life. Sadly, many of us will never have the amazing opportunity, which is why we’ve gathered these ten photographs of Whales and Dolphins in their natural habitat, for everyone to enjoy!

1. This beautiful pod of Whales, swimming in the deep-blue waters off the California coast

2. This elegant Orca, pausing to check out the photographer’s boat

3. This large pod of Dolphins, scanning the ocean for a school of fish

4. This stunning Humpback Whale, breaching out of the water with her young calf beside her

5. This curious Dolphin who loves to greet divers

6. This gorgeous Whale, showing you the immensity and darkness of the ocean’s depths

7. This magnificent Pacific White-Sided Dolphin calf with his mother, off the shores of British Columbia

8. This gorgeous Orca Whale, jumping clear out of the water

9. This playful Dolphin, coming to check out the photographer

10. This breathtaking photo of a Humpback Whale and her calf under the water

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