One Mother Sees A Pic Of Her Daughter With Another Girl Who Looks Exactly Like Her. What Happens Next Takes Everyone By Surprise

September 01, 2017

There is something so powerful, so unique, about the special connection between twins. You might even call it magical. Whether the pair is identical or fraternal, both boys, both girls, or one of each, the bond between them is undeniable. 

I have many twins in my family: nephews, cousins, my sister in law, my grandma; they all have a twin. I know, all too well, about the importance of the connection, and this crazy, unexplainable bond that twins share.

Now, imagine for a minute that you're a twin but don't know it. Well, that's what happened to these two 10-year-old girls. Meet Audrey Doering (Wisconsin) and Gracie Rainsberry (Washington) and, YES, they are TWINS, adopted and separated as infants.

Audrey’s mother, Jennifer Doering, was the one to discover her daughter has a sibling. Even more shocking than that, after doing some more research, she found out that the sibling is a twin. One day, during her search, she stumbled across a photo of her daughter, as a baby, on the lap of her foster mother in China. Next to her daughter sat a nearly identical baby.

So, Jennifer started the search and, through social media, was able to track down Gracie's mother, Nicole, in Washington. A DNA test confirms that Gracie and Audrey are, indeed, identical twins, with 100 percent certainty. Wow, twins!

What's next for these twins, separated as infants, and adopted by different families? Time for them to meet, of course. The girls, alongside their parents, explain they were “overwhelmed” but “excited” and “happy” about the reunion on Good Morning America. “It felt like there was something missing, so now it’s complete,” Audrey says. Watch the beautiful reunion, below.

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